30 October 2020

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How Can Collagen & Vitamin Supplements Benefit Your Skin?

How Can Collagen & Vitamin Supplements Benefit Your Skin?

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The beauty aisle is bursting with remedies to banish bumps and blemished from your face. Skincare supplements are one of the tactics you can include in your overall acne-fighting strategy. Ingestible vitamins and collagen supplements can help you on your manage and maintain clear glowing skin—here’s what you need to know.

Collagen supplement with breakfast

Collagen supplement with breakfast.


Diet and nutrition have a big part to play in the health of our skin. So, in addition to eating well and drinking water, your body may need a little beauty boost in the form of a nutritional supplement. Particularly in the area of collagen, after age 25, generally speaking, your body tends to produce less of this skin-plumping protein.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, constituting nearly 30% of your total body protein. Additionally, medical research suggests that replenishing collagen in your body can improve digestive health, liver detoxification, and joint health. Therefore, adding a collagen supplement can significantly improve the appearance of your skin.

Collagen is primarily animal-derived—our collagen peptides are made using Type I and Type III hydrolyzed collagen derived from grass-fed cows.

Collagen & Vitamin Skincare Supplement


Vitamin A and vitamin C are antioxidants included in THE FACTOR FORMULA’s Healthy Skin & Hair supplement. Vitamin E refreshes lipids in your skin, helping to keep your skin’s protective barrier intact which can assist in sealing up the little cracks created in the skin’s barrier that can cause moisture to escape and leave the skin feeling tight and dry. As a result, vitamin E allows for long-lasting moisture retention in your skin. The primary benefit of vitamin E is the ability to accelerate the healing of damaged skin.

Vitamin A skin benefits include sloughing off dead skin cells to help prevent clogged pores and inflammation, and improved skin cell turnover which can accelerate the fading of hyperpigmentation and signs of aging.

Consult your medical professional before beginning a vitamin/supplement regimen.


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