As a woman who struggled with varying levels of acne, beginning early on in my youth all the way through adulthood, I’ve tried nearly every treatment you could possibly recommend. My acne was unrelenting, and nothing I bought seemed to help.

With some success when I was young, I tried Retin-A, a common go-to for people with mild to moderate acne. In my late-20s, my acne returned full-force, but this time, I experienced hair-thinning as well. To no avail, I returned to using Retin-A. Based on the anecdotes from friends and family, my next attempt at concurring my adult-acne included skin and hair vitamins. To my great dismay the vitamins only made my hair and skin woes way worse! My skin troubles evolved—I went from just acne to having the addition of cysts to the pimple party on my face.

At this stage I decided to do a bit of research to determine what would work best for me and my skin. Through some online digging I discovered that the vitamins and dosage I was taking included Biotin and other vitamin B-based supplements, which were (ah ha!) worsening my skin situation.

I stopped focusing on what worked for most and created a formula that worked for me.

After nearly a year of consistently using my modified skincare and haircare methods I started to see my skin clear and my hair regain its vibrance. With my newly dewy skin and thriving hair, I thought I can’t possibly be the only person who has a vitamin B and Biotin intolerance—right?

This question, and answer, led me to developing THE FACTOR FORMULA multivitamin, using the supplement combination that helped me nourish my hair and skin back to health.

Many of the supplements marketed for skin and hair contain Biotin, which is not effective for everyone and can be detrimental to those making progress in their skincare. THE FACTOR FORMULA multivitamin is a solution for those who are interested in taking a skin and hair supplement but are intolerant to Vitamin B or Biotin.

THE FACTOR FORMULA is what the beauty industry is missing.

Lauren Palimore Fleming
Founder of The Factor Formula